Saturday, March 3, 2018

Love Like an Ocean

Many couples say when their first child is born, "How could I possibly love any future children of ours as much as this one??"  Some are even so concerned that they hesitate to have more children because of this fear.   Of course, once we have that 2nd, 3rd, 4th and more children, that fear is eliminated completely!   God has given us the ability to love deeply....and there's no limit to how many people that can touch.

I remember someone asking my mother years ago if she found it hard to love her two adopted children as much as her biological.   My young ears tuned in to hear what she had to say!   She responded without hesitation that there was no difference!    I can now fully understand what my mother was saying.   Ariana has lived with us going on 8 years now, and my love for her is deep as it would be for a biological child.   Yes, I regretted not having more biological children, but having an adopted child is at least as rewarding!   I definitely can't say I would rather have had more biological children than to have been able to adopt two children as we have been!   Or the other way around!   Having more children biologically or adopting.....which is better??   Neither is better.  They're both great!   Pursue both or either one!   You can't lose when loving children and taking them into your home!!  It's God's design.

As an update, we will travel to India on March 12 to visit our four grandchildren there.  Then on the 23rd of March, we will go to China and pick up Xiao Man a couple days later.   We will finish up our paperwork for a week and come home with our new daughter on April 5!   I called her 'Lydia' in the last post, but that was the American name the orphanage gave her.   We have chosen Avigail Hope to be her Litchfield name.   We are very excited!

God has provided in an amazing way this past year!!   The finance has come in in a wonderfully!   We don't even make in one year what this adoption costs and we are having to give very little out of our pocket! Yet,  I've felt like I've had a part time job this past year just filling out all the forms for the adoption and the grants!   We know that the way God has helped with paperwork and the costs that He intends to help us in the years to come as we endeavor to love Avigail like an ocean!!   I have seen in a huge new way that God cares for the orphans and He will go out of His way to advocate for them to have families and homes.  We stepped onto the path of reaching out to orphans through adoption, and we very  quickly had God's winds in our sails as we ventured onto the waters.

We have been skyping every other week with Avi for a number of months now.   I can't tell you how delightful she has been to us!  We sing to her, Don reads her a story, she sings to us and we show her our home.   We're thankful for this time to bond!  This little girl has some major changes coming her way! 

I've started following some groups on FB that are about adopting children with Down syndrome.  Whoa!!!   I've been blown away by the excitement that has come by reading about the joy these children have brought into families!   People should be standing in line to get these children!!   We sit in our homes content with redecorating our living room or watching a ball game!!   What a contrast to choosing to invest in the lives of children who have no home and no loving parents to guide them through life and to teach them about Jesus! 

If I have good internet reception on our trip, I will keep everyone posted with pictures and updates!  Pray for our travels.   I'm not looking forward to the flights, but I know God will help us.

God's got love like an ocean!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Seasons of Life

When most couples are expecting a new baby, they get busy painting a bedroom, buying a crib, preparing a layette and making sure they have a good car seat!   The good news is that we are adding to our family, and here are part of our preparations -

Yep.  We're putting a good safety net on our trampoline, and you can see the chain link fence in the background that Don has also installed.  No cribs or diapers for us!  Going straight to bigger and better things! :-) We've done lots of paperwork, paperwork and then done some of it over several times!  We're excited to announce that this winter, Xiao Man (Lydia) from China will be joining our family!
Qing Cheng Xiao Man Photos Received 1.10 (2).jpg

Isn't she beautiful?  We already feel like we have a daughter across the world (and it isn't Morgan this time!).  In case you're wondering, Ariana is very excited to be a big sister to Lydia, and we know with her strong nurturing ability, she will do a great job.

Our home study is almost done and then our huge stack of paperwork will go to U.S. Immigration and then to the Chinese government before we get final approval!   Lydia was abandoned by her family 4 years ago near the orphanage for reasons we don't know.   The orphanage guesses her age to be around 11 years old.  

Why are we doing this in this season of life?  Because we CAN and because God has put the desire in our hearts.   When it looked like adopting Lydia could be a possibility for us, we were overwhelmed with what a  tremendous privilege it would be to spend the next couple decades parenting this girl. 

Keep praying for us as we proceed through the steps of this adoption.  Yes, it's expensive, but yet it's SO very reasonable when you consider that this is not just a car we're buying or a new boat or a vacation.....this is a delightful and beautiful child with an eternal soul!   How can you ever put a price on that?  God has assured us He will provide, and He has already begun.  Praise the Lord!  What a blessing to be granted the privilege to be on this journey!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Erasing the Evidence

Erasing Evidence

How long does it take to erase evidence of a year of grandchildren in your home? Going from a total of 7 grandchildren throughout the year living with you to none is quite an adjustment!  But what fun it was!! Our home and our hearts were full.  When I skype with these guys (and girls), I can’t believe I had that houseful of extreme cuteness and sweetness in my home!!

Now, a couple months later,  I’m still cleaning up and putting away.   Our attic has a “Street area” and a “Jake’s area” full of things that they couldn’t take with them.  The process is sad because you feel like you’re packing away memories with it.  Although the memories will never completely fade!!    Not only did we have these 7 live with us for awhile, we were able to see our remaining two grandchildren in Ireland!  Even as I speak of the things I miss, I am thankful God has made a way for them to be where He wants them to be!  But these memories are in honor of that wonderful year.

I miss Rees telling me of his outdoor adventures and seeing him build a birdhouse with his dad.  He liked to help me cook and did a good job!

It was amazing to watch Hadassah and Titus grow up so quickly within that first year!   I loved their special smiles they gave me that lit up the room!!

 I loved seeing Misha sitting on her Papa’s lap while he read her stories!

I loved seeing Andrew fishing in the pond with the boys and catching fish for our dinner.  And Andrew pulling the wagon behind the lawn mower full of boys and neighbor kids!

Swimming in the pond was so much more fun to watch and do with all you grandkids around!  I loved watching and counting the bobbing heads!

Justice learned to ride his bike at our house!

Do you think if I would have left the pile of child size shoes/boots by the back door, it would have made it easier??

Rees and Josiah loved building amazing things with blocks, legos…and showing them off to Nana and Papa!

The downstairs bathroom door was covered with fingerprints.   I told Mikah to leave them there and put a sticky note by them saying, “In memory of a visit from Amos and Justice….”  J

Not sure I can survive without finding my toiletry items in my dirty laundry bin in the basement….memories of Justice having fun throwing things down the laundry shoot!

Do I have to pick up EVERY plastic dinosaur and matchbox car I find in the sofa cushions and under the piano??? Who will return them to those places?

Who’s going to read all those children’s books on the shelves??

Did I really have to repaint the basement stairs and cover up all those scuff marks??  And the bathroom floor?

What to do about all these booster seats and carseats???

Where exactly am I supposed to put all these little boy’s stray socks???  Do you want them shipped, Morgan??  If I store them, will you bring the matches back in a couple years and the next ones wear them? J

This big box of school books that arrived after you left…..sitting in the guest room closet.

The swingset sits unused….

Who says, “Yay for Nana!!” at the supper table when I do the cooking??

Where’s the rambunctious boys keeping us up late at night?

What about the hearty greetings and hugs when I come home?   And the “Can I go with you” when I head to work or the store??

My homemade playdoh is dried up…..should I really  make more?

Then there’s their parents!  How can we say how much they were a blessing…the ladies with their cooking shopping and cleaning.   They were great companions around the house!  Andrew and Jake helped with ‘car’ maintenance questions and lended a hand to Don on home maintenance.   Don enjoyed talking theology with the guys.   Both couples were such a blessing to our church family, strengthening the body of Christ!   I had to keep reminding myself that just because they were such a great help here didn’t mean they were supposed to stay!  The same reason they were a great help was the reason why they were called to go!!  Christ in them, the hope of glory.

 I praise the Lord for all the memories of this last year.   Now it’s time for all of us to move on and wrestle with the next set of challenges God lays before us.  No, all the memories won’t be erased.  Some are vibrant and occur to me frequently, and some lay hidden only to arise upon occasion when bumped loose by something I see or hear.  The year was a gift from God and I will treasure it all!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Repairing the Walls

There aren't many Christians in America who would disagree that we have some crumbling walls in our nation.  Morally, there just isn't much left standing.  Our nation's desire for freedom has caused us to both neglect the maintenance of God's walls of protection or to even tear them down.

As I was reading in Nehemiah last week, I couldn't help but be struck with how pertinent some of the points were in that time when the walls of Jerusalem were in disrepair with how our land needs some careful attention.  This text has been used many times in this context and I am not a theologian, but I just wanted to share some things that would be unique to my vantage point.

My nearest vantage point has to do with my city, Defiance, and my home church.  Faith Family Fellowship.   My heart is stirred with how I see God raising repairmen for the walls.   In Nehemiah, God has listed the names of many of the repairman and even the parts of the walls they were working on.  Was that necessary for the meaning of the text?  Not necessarily for me, but it shows me that these people were doing an important work!  They focused on their part of the wall and did what they were called to do.   We have some road construction going on in the main part of Defiance and even some construction work being done on our courthouse, but when I read articles about the work in the paper, I don't see anything like, "John Smith is working on laying the asphalt between such and such streets." or "Harry Eglemeier is applying the shingles on the south side of the courthouse roof."  These construction workers are doing an important work, but it isn't anything like repairing God's city/kingdom.

 The Bible says that the repairman of the walls looked around and saw that the work was great!  this meant there was a lot to do!!  Yet, they each had to not become overwhelmed or get distracted by what was undone elsewhere and just focus on what their assignment was in front of them.  Our nation has need of great repairs!  To look at the whole task can be greatly overwhelming!   But, how is something like a wall repaired?  One block at a time.  Can we not take this back to our nation being repaired one family and one church at a time?  Then the families can take it back to one person at a time?

 Repairing the wall in our culture often means someone being light and truth.  Upholding biblical principles.  Being men and women of integrity and putting God's will first.  Men being true husbands and fathers.  Women being faithful mothers and wives.  People who are uncompromising in keeping sin out of their lifestyles and who speak truth in love.

I remember when I was raising my four older children.  I was homeschooling and we had a mini farm.  It kept me busy, but I was still tempted to do other things.  Money making opportuniites, charity work or church work, furthering my education, socializing.  I did all of these things to a degree, but I kept having to reign myself in and remind myself what was important.....raising and training my children for the Lord.  I couldn't fix the whole world.  I couldn't take in all the foster children I wanted....and so on.   This was my wall to build .....this was my donation to the repair of my country's walls.  It seemed narrow minded at times and very limited in scope.  In a way it was, but now I see how their influences are used in our countries and in other countries around the world.

 Last Sunday, we had a beautiful missions church service followed by a baptism of five of our church members from ages 7-40 something.  My heart was filled with thankfulness for how God was moving in our midst.  We are a small congregation, but we are endeavoring to focus on the assignments that God has given us.   This involves the training/raising of a good number of children/young people and it involves a passion for the world.   Someone shared over the weekend that if we didn't have a passion for the world (the whole wall) then we won't have a passion for our own locale (family/neighbors).

Because of this body's faithfulness, there are wallbuilders being prepared and wallbuilders being sent out by the help and grace of the Lord.   I will name some names.   Norma Beck has a daughter repairing walls in Taiwan and Dick Beck has a daughter repairing walls in Paulding, OH with the youth.   The McIntoshes have a son repairing walls in Fort Wayne, IN and a daughter ready to be sent to work for the Lord in Cincinnati and eventually overseas.  They have a daughter repairing walls in the business world of Defiance, OH.   There are 8 more yet to go out!  The Grahams are preparing wallbuilders with one or two already having their sights on the mission field.  The Jones have been assigned an especially deteriorated section of the wall and we have been amazed  at the speed and beauty of repairs! God is going to send them out.

This small church supports pro life mission work, a work in China, Rev. Schultze's newsletter to several countries and has sent out their own missionary to Thailand already!   Individuals support other mission works around the world.   Most of us are involved ourselves in investing time and finance in the pro-life cause in America.  We are a small congregation, but we are trying to focus on the children we have in our homes, the needs of families in our church, and trying to be a light in our community.   Do we still need some help?  Oh, yes, we really do.  However, I'm encouraged with the focus and the foundational work that's being done.   Because parents are focusing on raising their children well, they will be sent out with strength and purpose.  Praise the Lord!

I guess this blog is an attempt to encourage each of us not to try to fight battles that aren't ours or to throw up our hands in despair, but to look at the task at hand and put our heart into our work and see what God does with the results!   Think about it....what would happen if each family in our country focused on repairing it's walls and sending out properly equipped and prepared laborers for the harvest?   Just one a time.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Concealed Greatness

Concealed Greatness ( a letter to my father)

Some greatness is concealed.  Not to everybody, but to the majority.  God understands that.  He displays His greatness on a daily basis, but yet there is an element of concealment, and most are blind to the wonder of it all.  Yet He is still great and His goodness continues.

There are things that are ‘great’ in my memory of being your daughter.

You are big.   I always took pride in the fact that my daddy was ‘big’.  I loved hearing my peers exclaim, “He’s sooo tall!”  To, me it was so rewarding that they could see right away that you were special.

I loved your hands.  They are big too, and I loved the look of how big and strong they were.  I loved to hold that hand as we were coming and going.  I loved seeing your hand holding a pen and scribbling (yes, scribbling!) out your theological thoughts.   I liked seeing them working on projects around the house for mother or piddling with an engine or motor.

I remember the greatness of being held in your arms after a good spanking!   The spankings were definitely painful and did their work, but the rest I felt in my heart and the bonding I felt with you when being held afterward still warms me.

Bikes.  I remember dragging a junk bike across the Zeman Elementary school yard.  It was humiliating because this school had ritzy kids in it that would sneer at my bike and occasionally make mocking comments.  I think Esther told you what was going on, because it wasn’t long before you surprised me with a brand new cinnamon colored Schwinn ten speed!   I was struck as new things of any kind were a rarity at our house.  I felt loved and cared for.   I kept it for way too many years!!   Then a few years ago, you heard I was struggling keeping my balance on another old bike and you bought me a new ‘granny’ bike with all the bells and whistles!!  I love cruising on my bike and thinking of my Father’s love!

Extremism.  Within the Kingdom, it was ALL for God or not for God at all.  As a first generation Christian, you leaped the boundaries to do things that were quite unusual for one not raised in a Christian home.  You stepped in when the school called for dances or evolutionary science.  You taught us not to date when no one had heard of that before.  You prayed and praised loud, hard and long.  You uprooted your family and went to unfamiliar cities because you felt the call of God to do so.   Messages that were loud and clear to us on being cross cultural and of obedience to the Lord.

Humor.   Your dry sense of humor made me laugh and made me proud.

Time.  You valued us by spending family time and vacations, but we’ve talked about that before.  And then there were the Saturday mornings of tennis when I got older.

Now that I’m an ‘older’ adult, I enjoy these qualities in God.   He is BIG and I’m proud of that and thankful for his protection over us.  His hands are loving and caring.  His discipline is horrible just like yours but it brings good fruit.   He gives me good gifts like you have given me bikes.  He surprises me and blesses me beyond what I deserve.   God is radical and your example helps me accept and understand that.   God makes me laugh and gives me joy.  God cares enough of me to spend time with me and I know that’s true because my earthly Father thought I was valuable enough to do so.

All these lessons are learned and accepted as God intended.  HE  designed families and the father to teach the child about a relationship with God.  I praise the Lord that you have done well!

Thousands know and love you, but the greatness is still concealed to it’s full extent from many of them.  You aren’t a common name in the world …not even in the Christian world.  But, true greatness does not have to be well known to exist.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Spirit of Adoption

For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.  - Romans 8:15

God has adopted us into His family so we as families on earth should offer the same to orphans.  Adoption websites promote having the 'heart of God' toward the fatherless.  Pictures of cute, adorable and sometimes hungry children fill these sites.  We're encouraged to become that 'forever family' that will satisfy the needs of these orphan's hearts.  Very noble, isn't it?

Yes, it certainly is.

However if you know someone who has adopted or read books about the long term results of adoption, then you've probably learned 'the other side of the coin'.  Adopted children don't easily accept their new parents as their own.  They often reject and test the family's values in an extreme way.  These new members can intentionally or unintentionally bring division between existing siblings or between husband and wife. Even if that doesn't happen, the new parents can find themselves struggling in their marriage as a result of the stress of trying to win the child's heart and affections. The child often begins to long for his former family and their ways.  Upon reaching the teen years, the child can struggle with identity and often with appropriate boundaries.  It may take years for them to accept the new family.  And some never do.

Hey....if adoption is so much the heart of God, why is it so difficult and messy? Are we missing something?  Are we doing something wrong?

What does God do in the adoption process that works better?  He's the Perfect Parent, right?  He absolutely is.  That's why all of His adopted children assimilate all His values and trust Him completely and without hesitation.   Well.....maybe not quite.

In the last week, I've begun to realize why adoption can be so messy and heart rending.  It's not Plan A.  Plan A was for Adam and Eve not to sin.  Plan A was for the orphan's parents to provide a good, godly home for their children.

God's redemption plan is magnificent and some would say it really is Plan A.  I'm not going to get into that, but in all honesty, God's adopted children just aren't very cooperative.  Read the Bible.  Kings fall out of greed and lust for power and women.  God's chosen people complain and want back in Egypt to their old life and reject the abundant fruit of the promised land. And, just look around at the present church.  Once fruitful members, slip into temptation and sin.  People make decisions based on what they want rather than what God wants.  People are still uncertain about trusting God, the perfect Father, the omnipotent, omniscient One who knows nothing but Love.

It appears to me that for adoption to be fruitful, it involves the choice of the new parents to embrace the orphan as their own.  Then it involves the child receiving that gift and being willing to trust the parents to provide, guide and protect.  Not an easy thing when your heart has been broken by sin and tainted by sin's influences.  The gift of adoption must be nurtured by both the parent and the child.  It involves surrender to new authority, trust in an entity that is not familiar and obedience to new guidelines and processes.  When one side or the other does not nurture the gift and cooperate then the adoption process is less than God intended it to be.

As we see how messy things can get for humans and even when adopted into God's perfect family, we may want to shy away from taking on adoption ourselves.  Surely, by now, God has given up on the process Himself, right?  Enough of this ungrateful and rebellious response to such sacrificial love?  Yet God still adopts, risks and gives chances.

This is the love that needs to motivate us into earthly adoption.  An attitude that wants to give and wants to love with no guarantee of success or return.  Adoption should cause us to give our very best effort just because we value the person, the process and the God who created them both.  Church, let's keep adopting even when it's messy.  THIS is the spirit of adoption.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Making of a Missionary Family

I was asked the question again, "To what do you attribute your children being around the world sharing the gospel?"   I often don't have an answer.   It's not exactly what I planned.   I probably don't need to tell you that there's no one set formula, and I probably also don't need to tell you that God doesn't call every family to this kind of mission work.  Missionaries we all must be, but 'where' is the  question.
But, as I was sitting at our dining room table with this friend, I started to recount some events that contributed to the making of this particular missionary family, the Litchfield tribe.

Not necessarily in the order of importance!  But all crucial in our situation!

1) Grandparents with a vision......Grandma Schultze was going to be a missionary nurse and Grandpa Schultze a medical doctor.  God didn't grant that specific desire, but the desire was sensed and passed along (on fire godly aunt and uncle didn't hurt anything either!)
2) German grandfather/pastor - No nonsense.  Black and white.  No excuses.  God obey!!!  It doesn't matter what people think, how much it will cost you or even what YOU think....get over whatever it is and obey!!!
3) Marrying in God's will (again not essential for everyone but it sure helps!)  My parents and Don and I endeavored to marry who God wanted us to marry
4) Knowing the purpose of family.  Before I even married, the  question was on my mind.  Why have children?  To be honest a lot of them didn't look very enjoyable!  And to my teen mind they were an inconvenience.  Do we have children just so they can have children and so on?  I didn't have all the answers at the time, but as God unfolded our lives, we learned that children were to be born and raised with the purpose to serve God.... not us. 
5) Separateness from the world and much godly instruction.  In our family, home schooling and much training were involved.
6) Denny Kenaston's Godly Home Series.  When I would listen to these audio tapes, I would become so stirred by Denny's vision to send our children out to the far corners of the world to share the gospel.  My children heard me exhorting them after I would hear some of these messages!
7) Missionary biographies.   Most of our children's reading was educational in some way and that which was spiritual.  Missionary biographies were required reading as well as reading biographies of other great men and women of the faith.
8) Mission trips.  We took them on mission trips.  They went on some on their own.  They saw me weep when leaving countries because we couldn't do more.  They saw their father invest in lives of people he didn't know.  They ministered in song and deed to spiritually hungry people.  They sang with their grandpa in the open plazas in Europe and people would gather.
9) Honest hearts.  Okay.  This one could be essential.  We tried to have honest hearts and to respond to the Spirit even when others around us saw things differently.  We wanted Gods will personally and we were willing to make changes where necessary.
10) Heart ties.  We endeavored to love, understand and enable our children.

Probably not a comprehensive list.  But it's a start.  These 10 factors contributed greatly to what our children doing today.