Monday, June 19, 2017

Seasons of Life

When most couples are expecting a new baby, they get busy painting a bedroom, buying a crib, preparing a layette and making sure they have a good car seat!   The good news is that we are adding to our family, and here are part of our preparations -

Yep.  We're putting a good safety net on our trampoline, and you can see the chain link fence in the background that Don has also installed.  No cribs or diapers for us!  Going straight to bigger and better things! :-) We've done lots of paperwork, paperwork and then done some of it over several times!  We're excited to announce that this winter, Xiao Man (Lydia) from China will be joining our family!
Qing Cheng Xiao Man Photos Received 1.10 (2).jpg

Isn't she beautiful?  We already feel like we have a daughter across the world (and it isn't Morgan this time!).  In case you're wondering, Ariana is very excited to be a big sister to Lydia, and we know with her strong nurturing ability, she will do a great job.

Our home study is almost done and then our huge stack of paperwork will go to U.S. Immigration and then to the Chinese government before we get final approval!   Lydia was abandoned by her family 4 years ago near the orphanage for reasons we don't know.   The orphanage guesses her age to be around 11 years old.  

Why are we doing this in this season of life?  Because we CAN and because God has put the desire in our hearts.   When it looked like adopting Lydia could be a possibility for us, we were overwhelmed with what a  tremendous privilege it would be to spend the next couple decades parenting this girl. 

Keep praying for us as we proceed through the steps of this adoption.  Yes, it's expensive, but yet it's SO very reasonable when you consider that this is not just a car we're buying or a new boat or a vacation.....this is a delightful and beautiful child with an eternal soul!   How can you ever put a price on that?  God has assured us He will provide, and He has already begun.  Praise the Lord!  What a blessing to be granted the privilege to be on this journey!

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  1. God bless you and Dad on this wonderful journey!!!